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15 September 2015 |

Firms want to recruit well-rounded individuals who have clearly developed relevant foundational skills. They will look at your participation in and experience of a range of activities across professional, academic and non-academic domains. If you only have academic experiences to demonstrate your competencies, this may not present you as a well-rounded individual and may suggest that you would not necessarily fit with the firm's culture or interact well with the firm's employees. Similarly, if you have only non-academic extra-curricular experiences to draw from, a firm may doubt whether you have developed the ability to perform and interact with others within a professional setting.

I was rejected from my very first interview (years ago!) as the interviewer felt that I had not accumulated a broad enough range of experiences. This was because I had provided only non-academic examples to evidence my skill development during a competency interview. Try to accumulate a range of experiences and positions of responsibility and get involved in university societies and university (or local) clubs and initiatives. You'll probably have a great time doing so anyway! Ask yourself, is your university in any way different because you have been there? Have your contributions enhanced the experience(s) of other students?