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15 September 2015 |

Consider joining and actively participating in academic societies. Your university may well have a Commercial Law, Finance, Debating or Business society you could join, or, of course, your degree subject society. If your membership leads to you attending particularly interesting presentations or participating in skill-enhancing interactive case studies, then you could use these experiences as examples to demonstrate to firms that you put your free time to good use.

Participation in the likes of Young Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh, Model United Nations or interactive business challenges/case studies could also reflect well on your character, so perhaps sign up for initiatives such as these if you have not yet already accumulated similar experiences. Discussing particular modules or group work exercises that you have undertaken whilst studying can also provide interesting talking points in interviews and provide an insight into how you have developed your knowledge and capabilities.

In order to demonstrate my academic extra-curricular activities I listed my membership of various commercial societies and my involvement in the Study India and Study China programmes. I also talked about my engagement in team-based business modules at university and participation in firm business challenges on campus.