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Demonstrating Your Motivation

29 September 2015 |

You are selling yourself during an internship as much as a firm is selling itself to you. Your personality will therefore influence a firm's inclination (or not!) to hire you. They will look for genuine commitment to your chosen career, as they would rather not invest in you, only for you to leave a short way into your career. They will look to see how well you fit in with the firm's culture. Do you get on well with the firm's employees? They will look to see whether you are a hard worker. Have you asked around for work if your supervisor has nothing for you, or have you avoided responsibility or failed to show a genuine interest in the work?

Your behaviour will influence whether a firm believes you have the ability to complete work in a very demanding, client-led environment and whether you can be trusted to work with high-profile clients and professional services firms that expect only the very best from their advisors and colleagues. Some roles may also require ample confidence and presentation skills. If this is the case, think about whether you are the quiet person in the corner, or the person making an effort to get involved and socialise and how this could in turn reflect on your ability to fulfil the role for which you are applying.

If you have not received enough work, then request more (you could offer other departments a hand if appropriate). Remember, everything is a learning opportunity, so do not complain if you are set boring or repetitive tasks. You will inevitably receive such tasks at the start of your career if you end up working for the firm in the future. Avoid looking as if you would not be prepared to pitch in and get things done.